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I focus on how to: get more customers, make more revenue per customer, how to keep them coming back, as well as investments, crypto, and life.

I share personal lessons I've learned along the way from building businesses and investing from $0 - $30m ARR.

Everything I share come from our own hustle, a bit of cleverness and a lot of grit.

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Marc Thomas

Head of Growth, @poweredbysearch | building B2B SaaS: $10-$100M ARR

@iammarcthomas: I know I said it publicly at length: but Vincent's work on is top 1% in terms of Quality.

Kerman Kohli

Founder, @Arcxmoney

@kermankohli: Vincent is a great founder and operator who has a wide variety of insights. I’m always thrilled to hear about what he has to say and understanding the reasoning behind it. He has a rare blend of being an excellent analytical and people person.

Abhi Lamba

International Growth, @Canva | ex-Growth, @Airtasker & @IndusOS

@LambaAbhimanyu: Vincent's curiosity about the world we live in leads him to question the status quo and explore knowledge from all sources, however niche. He then has the ability to synthesize all his research into easily consumable pieces of writing, full of wit and candour. There is always something new to learn from his essays.

Lily Wu

Startup Partnership Lead, @Stripe

@imlilywu: Vincent has a way with words that makes his writing deeply relatable, easy to read and funny, yet filled with data-backed research. You know that you're going to learn something new when reading his articles as they are relevant to the world around us and can also be applied to our own lives.