We were all children once

We were all children once.
We knew what we liked.
The warm, loving hugs from mum that made us feel safe.
The adventurous, joyful play-time with dad that made us feel cherished.

We also knew what we didn't like.
The weird tasting broccoli,
the neighbour's mean barking dog,
and the stranger that frightened us.

We voiced everything,
not with words,
but with every fibre of our being.

Our body contracted,
our little legs kicked,
our voice cried,
our eyes poured,
our little hearts beat.

And now we're all adults - we think
we're so much smarter and wiser.
We think we’re all grown up.

But how come,
A scoop of ice cream used to mean the world to us.
Now having a brand new car doesn't even do the trick?

We shared unreservedly,
our favourite soft doll with new children at the local park.
Now we walked hastily,
past the homeless, the sick, the people in distress,
Avoiding eye contact, praying for them not to bother us.

What happened?


I sat at the major city crossroad one sunny morning,
looking at adults passing me by.
‘They are in a great hurry.
What are they looking for?’
I asked the Universe.

‘Not even the adults themselves know that,’
Said the Universe.
And the second swamp of dark, thumping adults trampled by,
In the opposite direction.

‘Are they coming back already?’
I asked again, confused.
‘They are not the same one,’ the Universe replied.
‘It’s the city’s intersection’

‘Were they not satisfied where they were?’
‘No one is ever satisfied where he is’

‘Are they pursuing the first group of adults?’
‘They are pursuing nothing at all.
They are all tired or worried about something
that’s happened to them or might happen to them.’
Said the Universe.
‘Only the children are widening their eyes, tilting their heads,
Exploring the scenes around them.’

‘Only the children know what they are looking for’ I said.
‘They waste their time over soft dolls and they become very attached.
If anyone takes it away from them, they cry…’

‘They are very lucky’, the Universe said.


Deep down we are all children,
and we've spent our entire life
to grow up, to become adults;
and now we wonder - why we've ended up where we are:
this hard, hard life.

We wish our life could be simple.

And once you've realised this simple truth,
life changes.
Beauty comes from the simplest things,
having a roof that keeps us dry,
having a jacket that keeps us warm,
having food that keeps us nourished,
having a healthy mind, body, and most importantly,
having people we love to share our life with.

We were all children once,
And we can all be children again.

To love,
to express,
to create possibilities,
to care for all that’s around us.
And once again, life is simple and beautiful.

We were all children once,
And we can all be children again.